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Favorite Moments of 2013 - Long Lost Friends Week

Dear Disney Guests, 


Most of you know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The parks are still open. There are approximately 60,000 Cast Members and at least half of them will be working tomorrow. Please be mindful of the things you say. We are not here to ruin your vacation or your holiday. If you do something that is not safe or not appropriate for Disney, we are required to stop you. The wait times are not long because we want them to be. An attraction does not go down because we want it to nor do we have the ability to predict when it will come back up. Your magic bands may glitch because they are still a new thing that we are all still getting used to so yelling at a cast member about them is not going to help you. Please realize that we have rules to follow and we are giving up Thanksgiving with our families so that you can have a magical day with yours so before you yell at us because we told your child to stop climbing a handrail, think about these things. Hope you all have a magical day and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Bringing this back because it’s my favorite time of the year.


Cinderella on Flickr.


Diners at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, Disneyland, 1967.

jokes about monorails are always one-liners





Incredible Disneyland Opening Day pictures shot in Fantasyland and Main Street USA. 

Love Disney? Follow itsadisneything! 

Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyways.